Strategic Planning Impact

Mentoring and Coaching Sessions that Transforms Leadership

For years I have been working with my clients on strategic planning and every time something magical happens in the sessions or outside them.

Whether clients get in touch with their authentic vision and purpose to pursue their journey confidently or a mist clears out suddenly to allow a new and more empowering mindset to emerge. Or new answers and perspectives to old questions and fears become present. Strategic planning and thinking are the vehicle to success whether for leaders, business owners, professionals or even on a personal level.

Sharing with you the latest testimonial from Mr. Ramzi Marji the Founder of Andrew’s Cold Brew, which captures his experience.


I do not think I can express enough my appreciation & gratitude to you as a coach in the first place and as a person on a professional level.

When we first started this course, my main concern was that it might be a text book, take notes sort of sessions, but to my surprise, not only did I enjoy our sessions but it also helped me grow my business and correct my mindset towards the future. 

As a corporate person who spent more than a decade in business development working for big corporates, I reached to a stage in my journey as an entrepreneur where I was drowning in the details, and I have lost sight of why I started my business in the first place. This program gave me more clarity, more energy to get back on track and continue my journey with love & determination.

You have triggered back my "don’t take NO for an answer" attitude and mindset.

Placing my Mission & Vision on the table made the long road seem clear and helped me push more to look for all ways possible to reach my goals. I had general goals like everyone does, but your idea to create KPIs even for a small start-up like mine, made me dive deeper to make my goals more specific and mark milestones along the journey, that gave me sense of achievement along the way.

Your suggestion to make a survey enriched my perspective and got me closer to my clients to create a better understanding of their needs. That made me realize how building a business is way more than having the perfect product, but in engagement, accessibility, covering the demand and adding value to my client’s health and life.

The access to a big corporate event to create more brand awareness was a generous gesture from your side, I highly appreciate it.

During my career up to Management, academic life to an MBA and so many courses I have joined, your sessions were the most extraordinary in terms of professional coaching, adjusting mindset, engagement, information, and the continuous positive vibes.

Special thanks to you Lina Ayesh for the life changing experience.