Phenomenal Success in Change Management

Phenomenal Success in Change Management Program

Leading Change is fraught with risks and many organizations take a long time to recover from costly but avoidable mistakes during change initiatives that went off track.

Too many projects take too long, cost too much, and still don’t get results for the end user.

One reason why is that too many projects fail to properly consider the change leadership required in any large-scale implementation.

This program brings to you a proven methodology for leading change that is non-intrusive and that helps you accelerate results – without making costly mistakes that others tend to make.

This is a full program that covers the latest concepts and tools about change management. All what you need as an organization to achieve the change you planed for. Everything that you need as a manager to know, be, and do to influence the change and come up with your plan.

This program covers all Change management basics and delivered systematically in a way that will assist you on pursuing the change successfully.

This is not a management training only, it’s an interactive program where I use different facilitation and training formats that would guide managers and stakeholders of change to lead the change intended successfully.

Resistance to change can delay or stall the whole change process and in this program; we assist the change leaders in navigating the change with minimum derail or down time.


 Delegates will be Introduced to:

  • Well-proven Change management models and principles.
  • Holistic Change Management Strategy.
  • Creative Process flow to guarantee results.
  • Assessing the readiness for the Change initiative.
  • Understand the Barriers to organizational change
  • Asking and answering the key questions in every step of the change process.
  • Create a full-fledged plan to the change intended.
  • Understanding change resistance and how to reverse it into a supporting system across the organization.
  • Understand how is change management is becoming a leadership competency and how to implement it on the actual change initiative.
  • Communicating the change in a way that would minimize resistance & conflicts.
  • How to track progress and build on wins.



I had designed this facilitation program as a business solution that would serve the organization in different ways.

  • Run the whole program in your organization where all change stakeholders are involved in the training, coaching, getting the tools to create the plans and implement the change. In addition to a follow up mechanism on the progress.
  • Run the Workshops side of the program to train all stakeholders of change on the process and the understanding of it to create the momentum needed before or during the change initiative.


If you are planning a change initiative or going through one lets have a conversation