Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement – The What & HOW Training

There is no topic that is more important than employee engagement in business today. It directly affects the quality of service, sales, performance, and ultimately profits of any company. As the CEO of Ford Mark Fields said:  “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Despite all efforts in this field still employee engagement is averaged to 32% among US companies as per Gallup research in 2015 & 2016.

Great insights, literature, research and surveys been done in this arena and available for leaders to use, but what about the HOW.

How can I as a manager or a leader put this science in action at my work place? …This is what this workshop is all about.

If you are a leader or a manger or a senior professional whom interested in driving the engagement of your direct reports and creating a culture that drives your business, increase performance and loyalty this will be the right program for you as a leader or as an organization, where you will create your own actionable plan and implement it immediately.


This is a specialized group coach training where you will get:

  • Latest research and update about Employee Engagement.
  • How employee engagement assessments and recommendations done in organizations.
  • Discuss different models to elevate employee engagement (employee engagement triggers).
  • Create awareness about motivation.
  • Touch Base on situational leadership.
  • Discuss three major managerial concepts that directly affect employee engagement.
  • Well proven and tested coaching templates that is used for the purpose of increasing employee engagement.
  • Build your own unique and customized Plan to increase your direct reports engagement.
  • Your Plan will be ready with minimal tweaking for immediate deployment in the work Place.


Workshop Benefits:

  • Higher Team Productivity
  • Increased retention rates.
  • Increased Team Morale, Confidence, and Loyalty
  • Spend Less Time on Fire Fighting and more time on strategy
  • Improved leadership Impact and Influence on the team.
  • Development of internal talent to assume greater responsibility and make continuous improvements