Leadership and the Art of Engagement – The what & How workshop

Leadership is not concepts and theories. Leadership is influence and initiation. Effective leadership in business is to lead your team/organization to achieving goals and building a culture that encourages productivity and performance.

It is about inspiring others to do their best every time. Utilizing their potential and producing results.

Knowing that and being willing to do it, is only half the journey, but the real challenge remains How?????

How can I as a manager or a leader put the science of engagement in action at my workplace? …….This is what this workshop is all about.

This workshop is carefully designed to provide you with the tools not only the knowledge to Lead with Impact.

If you are interested as an organization in developing your managers’ leadership skills, elevating the engagement of your organization, and creating a culture of success that drives your business, increase performance and loyalty, then this workshop is for you.


This is a Specialized leadership workshop. You will get:

  • leadership best practices to build high performing Team.
  • Latest in research about engaging employees for productivity.
  • Learn what is Employee Engagement and how it affects your organizational results.
  • Build on the best engagement models in the industry to elevate employee engagement (employee engagement triggers).
  • Create awareness about motivation and how to apply it at the workplace.
  • How to Use motivation for better Productivity.
  • How is motivation different and yet linked to engagement
  • Touch Base on situational leadership and Exemplary Leadership theories.
  • Learn significant managerial concepts that directly affect your leadership and the level of your team performance.
  • How to delegate effectively.
  • Performance management and how it is linked to engagement at work.
  • How to enhance your leadership abilities.
  • How to build an organizational culture that serves the organization, employees, and customers.
  • How to transfer this knowledge into a clear process and an action plan.
  • Build your own unique and customized plan to increase your direct reports engagement, step by step throughout the course.
  • Your Plan will be ready with minimal tweaking for immediate deployment on the job.


Workshop Benefits: 

  • Practical tools to lead your team for results.
  • Improved leadership Impact and Influence.
  • Higher Team performance and Productivity.
  • Reduced employees’ turn over.
  • Team alignment with organizational goals.
  • Retaining Talents
  • Spend Less Time on Fire Fighting and more time on achieving your targets.
  • Step by Step plan to take your division/organization to the next level.
  • Introduction to leadership concepts and competencies.
  • Increased Team Morale, Confidence, and Loyalty
  • Development of internal talent to assume greater responsibility and make continuous improvements.


Who is this for

  • Managers and leaders in any position or level.
  • Business owners or team leads or senior executives in any organization.
  • HR Managers
  • Senior professionals preparing to move into more managerial roles.
  • Professionals seeking to create a corporate culture and organizational leadership that is impactful.
  • Professionals Seeking to understand the science and art of employee engagement and effective leadership.