Mastering Mind and Emotions to Foster Change and Success

Creating Change by mastering our Mind-Set & Emotional-Set workshop

The Definition of a mind-set is “the established set of attitudes, beliefs and opinions held by someone”, or simply put as “the habitual or characteristic mental attitudes that determine how you will interpret and respond to situations”.

Some people believe that this is fixed while research proved that our mindsets grow and change by creating awareness, learning, and focused action.

Clearly this topic is extremely important, especially if we are going through change or we want to create change in our organizations and in our lives.

In business we usually focus and invest on developing the skill-set while the real reason behind change initiatives' failures is the fixed mind-set promoted by fear based thinking.


So in this specialized group coach workshop we will be:

  • Creating awareness about the external environmental triggers that affect our progress.
  • Creating awareness about the internal emotional models that push us towards procrastination and not reaching our goals.
  • How habits are formed and how can we change them.
  • How to master our mind and emotions to create and achieve what we want in the workplace and in our personal life.
  • Define and set a clear blue print for what goals we want to create or change in life or in the workplace.
  • Discuss how Success in any endeavor is our choice.
  • Discuss Habits of successful people.
  • Discuss Fear based thinking.
  • A touch base on Growth Mind Set VS Fixed Mind set
  • Well proven and tested coaching templates.
  • Examples and coaching tools cover professional and nonprofessional areas of our life.


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