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Welcome To The Choice Leadership Solutions

Our Life is about our conscious and unconscious choices. The choices that we make every minute of every day.

Maybe we do not have much control over our backgrounds, looks, genes, up bringing circumstances, the inevitable events we go through but for sure we have the choice to evoke the change and lead a life that we envision.  

I can be the person I want, I can be the leader I aspire, I can create the life I yearn for.

Hence at "The Choice for Leadership Solutions” we provide Coaching and facilitation services to support you on your journey to be, do or have what you choose.

Our Services

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Partnering to solve important business challenges through finding the

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Strategic Advisory and Mentoring

Partnering with managers and business owners for strategic advisory an

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Leadership Development Workshops

Transferring knowledge about the latest practices, publications, thoug

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Personalized Coaching Services

Partnering with individuals to achieve their life and business aspirat

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Meet the Coach

I am an executive/leadership coach inspired by a strong believe in humans’ unlimited potential. Furthermore their right to be in a space where they are heard and seen.

I have always been extremely passionate about the art of leadership, extraordinary performance, and the dynamics of full engagement at work and life.

How to recognize the need for change and to lead it.

Particularly intrigued on how people can create value and meaning in their lives.

So I took this passion further and dived deeper into different coaching modalities, leadership literature, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

Attended courses, workshops and conferences to further sharpen my intuition and skills.

Got trained as a life coach and certified as an executive coach, and still learning and following great mentors and coaches to gain more insights and tools.

I had the chance to coach many wonderful people and I am conducting and creating coach based workshops that would add value to people in the aspects of business and life.


Lina Ayesh

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